MAMAMOO Red Moon Album Review

I absolutely LOVE Mamamoo, and have been waiting for their comeback. Once I heard that they were coming back with Mamamoo Red Moon, to be cheesy, I was over the moon. These ladies know how to harmonize like nobody’s business, so I am pumped.

Per usual, I picked up my copy of this album off of Choice Music for $17.99 here, plus shipping. You can also pick up a copy on Amazon for $24.98  plus free shipping if you are a Prime Member.

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Mamamoo Red Moon Track by Track:

Midnight Summer Dream

The mini album starts off with a tropical flare and some arpeggios on a xylophone (potentially a vibraphone). This is immediately joined by a violin. I really like how the first verse of the track is simple enough and without heavy percussion to highlight the vocals. Once the percussion picks up at the chorus, you will be really jamming to this track, like full on body rolls. This track has sass, flare and overall sex appeal. Naturally, because of all of these things, this track made it into my playlist with one listen.


This is the title track on the album. In contrast with the first track, this one has a bit more of a latin flare to it, although it still embraces a slight island feel. This track is basically Puerto Rico: latin and islandy. I really like how the track starts with a guitar and vocal chords. It has an amicable sound to it. One top of that, the vocal chords and vocal layering throughout the track are phenomenal. Huge fan of this song. It made it into my playlist.

Rainy Season

Taking it down to a bit more of a ballad with some light snapping, and some electric guitar chords. This song has a bit of a blues feel to it. It uses lots of Jazz chords with layered vocals. To be honest, it sounds like velvet with a car’s turn signal sound at the end of the chorus. (Listen to the song, you will here the turn signal). I really enjoy this song, but it doesn’t really it with the sound of any of my playlists. This is the only reason it stayed out. I should totally make a ballad playlist though! I don’t have one of those yet.


This track reminds me of something the GFriend would have put out with the chords on the strings. This continues until the beat drops into Moonbyul’s rap, which per usual, is fantastic. She’s amazing. They’re all amazing. This track doesn’t give me the feels like a number of their other tracks though. This is mainly because it doesn’t sound like them. This song didn’t make my playlist.

Sleep in the Car

Okay, this song I love. There is nothing that I love more than when the ladies of Mamamoo kill a serious rap jam. For example, Taller than You, that song is my jam. It is also one of my life philosophies, and one of my arguments for people who think they’re too cool…. at least I’m taller. I love the hard rhythm and the horns going through the track. It’s baller. This song made it into all of my playlists besides my ballad one.

Selfish (feat. Seulgi)

Okay, I am calling this song the Super Mario song. Listen to it and tell me I’m wrong. This track sounds like the happy music from Super Mario… plus Mamamoo and Seulgi. Thankfully in the second verse the track switches to have a guitar, so I stop wanting to play Super Mario Odyssey. Wait, I lied it comes back. This song is cute overall. I like it, but it will not be added to any playlists. It makes me want to play video games way too badly, and that is something I have weaned myself off of.

K-Crack Scale: 400 mg

Overall, I really enjoy the Mamamoo comeback! Even the Super Mario song I like! This mini album doesn’t make 500 marks for me. It didn’t give me chills, or make me melt in my chair. If someone had to scoop my guts off of the ground, that is what makes 500 mg. I will point out though, 4 out of 6 songs on this album made the playlists, so that should tell you it is pretty dang good!

Should you purchase a copy of this album? If you are a huge fan of Mamamoo, yes. If you only want to listen to select songs on it, just stream it… Unless you love to look at their outfits like I do… Then you should buy it.

What track on Mamamoo Red Moon is your favorite, K-Nuggets? Let me know in the comments below.



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  1. I don’t want to spoil it, but read the translated lyrics for Midnight Summer Dream and it changes into something else 😀 😀 😀

    1. OMG! I haven’t done that yet! I usually go through and read them once Korean. Just haven’t found the time yet. Oh you tease you… Guess who is doing that this morning!!

      1. I read the lyrics… OMG You were right… game changer… although it actually makes me love the song even more! It’s eerie yet so happy sounding at the same time. It’s a nice contrast!

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